Burden of Genius at University of Colorado Medical Center where it all began!

Thanks to Dr. Igal Kam for hosting a screening of Burden of Genius at the University of Colorado Medical Center where Dr. Thomas Starzl began his work in the early sixties. The transplant program went dormant for several years in the eighties after Dr. Starzl departed to establish the Thomas E. Starzl Transplant Institute at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Kam, who completed his fellowship at Pitt, rebooted the UC program in 1988 where he was head of the transplant division for 30 years! Also attending the October 2, 2018 screening were Dr. Elizabeth Pomfret, the new head of UC transplant, Dr. James Pompselli, head of UC liver transplant, Joy Starzl, Dr. Starzl’s wife of 36 years, Ravi Starzl, his grandson, Ravi’s mom Bimla Starzl, and JulieAnn Roybal and Janelle Snyder (seen here with director Tjardus Greidanus), sisters of Julie Rodriguez on whom Dr. Starzl performed the world’s first successful liver transplant in 1967.