Become a Donor

Julie Rodriguez
Mackston Barrick
Julie Rodriguez (left) received a new liver in the world’s first successful liver transplant performed by Dr. Thomas Starzl in 1967. A half century later in 2017, Mackston Barrick (right) received a new liver at the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute in Pittsburgh.

In 1952, when Dr. Thomas Starzl graduated from medical school, there wasn’t a single example of successful organ transplantation in any species anywhere in the world.

Last year, almost 35,000 organ transplants were performed in the United States alone.

But one thing has remained constant—the need for donor organs.

Today, 115,000 people are on the waiting list for kidneys, livers, hearts and other organs. Another is added every ten minutes, and 22 of them will die today.

Pie chart 95%
95% of Americans are in favor of being a donor
Pie chart 54%
but only 54% are registered as donors

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