Hands of Dr. Starzl

In 1967, Dr. Thomas Starzl stunned the world with the first successful liver transplantation.

Operating Room

His breakthrough provoked controversy.

Dr. Starzl rushes from a plane carrying a liver in a cooler.

Critics accused him of recklessness, even murder.

Dr. Starzl

Others declared it the beginning of a revolution.

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From the Blog

Celebrating the unveiling of a new statue of Dr. Thomas Starzl on the Pitt campus!

A balmy early evening in June on the Pitt campus. Seated next to the bronze statue of Dr. Thomas Starzl are Joy Conger Starzl, his wife of 36 years, friends Franco Harris (Steelers great #32) and Dana Harris, and Zoey. The unveiling of the statue by Pittsburgh artist Susan Wagner was preceded by a screening of Burden of Genius, both hosted by Chancellor Patrick D. Gallagher.