Hands of Dr. Starzl

In 1967, Dr. Thomas Starzl stunned the world with the first successful liver transplantation.

Operating Room

His breakthrough provoked controversy.

Dr. Starzl rushes from a plane carrying a liver in a cooler.

Critics accused him of recklessness, even murder.

Dr. Starzl

Others declared it the beginning of a revolution.

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Cleveland International Film Festival announces “Burden of Genius” in its lineup

The 42nd Cleveland International Film Festival announced its lineup today, and we are honored to be included in the Global Health competition.  CIFF is one of the few U.S. festivals to have a special category for films about science and medicine.  But, as always, it’s about the storytelling!

In this clip, Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Kareem Abu-Elmagd recalls three words that guided Dr. Thomas Starzl throughout his life.